Download the best and most functional printable December 2024 calendars with holidays from this page. You can send us your suggestions about the templates using the section at the bottom of the page.


Popular Templates:

  • Year 2024 Calendar: Discover our collection of 2024 calendar templates featuring holidays.

December 2024 Calendar with Holidays

If you want to download a functional and simple December calendar, this template will meet your needs!

Why Should You Print This December Calendar with Holidays?

  • It allows you to organize your plans and take notes throughout December.
  • It can be used as a desktop or wall calendar.
  • Its minimalist black-and-white design fits any setting perfectly.

Download and enjoy the convenience of having a well-organized December!

Printable December 2024 Blank Calendar

Among our users who download free calendars, blank December calendar templates are quite popular. We offer you our most functional blank calendar template.

Why Should You Print the Blank December 2024 Calendar Template?

  • Weekend Highlighting: Weekends are marked in a different color to easily distinguish them from weekdays.
  • Ample Writing Space: Each day has plenty of space for you to write your daily tasks and notes.
  • Holiday Information: All official holidays in December are listed at the bottom of the calendar, so you’ll never miss an important day.

Printable Vertical Calendar for December 2024

The Vertical December 2024 Calendar is designed to simplify your daily planning. Its vertical layout is perfect for detailed scheduling and note-taking.

Why Choose the Vertical December 2024 Calendar?

  • Ample space for daily notes.
  • Holidays and weekends are highlighted with a grey background.
  • High-quality design allows for printing in any size.

December 2024 Task Management Calendar Template

Would you like to prioritize your tasks for December?

This template allows you to categorize your tasks by priority, helping you plan your December more effectively.

What is a Task Management Calendar?

  • Green Boxes: Use these to note your daily routines and less important tasks.
  • Red Boxes: Use these to mark holidays, birthdays, and important reminders.

This printable December 2024 calendar with holidays was created based on feedback from our visitors

December 2024 Calendar with Week Numbers and Holidays

If you need a simple and versatile calendar for December 2024, this template is perfect for you.

What Does This December Calendar Offer You?

  • Displays the new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter phases in December.
  • Minimalist and black-and-white color scheme that won’t strain your eyes.
  • Track week numbers for December on the left side of the calendar.
  • Includes holidays and important days to ensure you don’t miss anything.
  • Designed for home, office, and personal use.
  • This concise and user-friendly calendar template will meet all your needs for December.

December 2024 Calendar Including January and February

We have prepared this 3-month calendar template to help you see upcoming months while you’re still in December, allowing you to plan accordingly.

  • This monthly calendar template makes forward planning easier.
  • It lets you view the holidays and important days in January and February in advance.
  • Additionally, there is a section in the bottom left corner for notes in December 2024.
  • With this calendar template, you won’t miss any holidays or special days in the 3-month period.

Use this template to stay organized and on top of your schedule for the upcoming months!

Colorful Calendar Template for December 2024

This colorful and eye-catching December 2024 calendar template is designed for use on your office or room wall.

In this template, Sundays are marked in red and Saturdays in blue.

Holidays and important dates are highlighted with a gray background to make them stand out.

Large Font Calendar Template for December 2024

For visitors looking to print a large print wall calendar for December, this template is perfect.

We have highlighted weekends and holidays with a gray background. Additionally, the holidays and special days in December are listed at the bottom of the template.

December 2024 Monthly Planner and To-Do Calendar

We’ve designed a versatile calendar template that you can use as a Daily Planner, Weekly Planner, and Monthly Planner.

This template includes a to-do list and notes sections at the bottom, making it a functional tool for your scheduling needs.

Additionally, we’ve incorporated spaces for brief notes for each day on the calendar. This printable December 2024 calendar is crafted to cater to all your planning requirements.

Free Printable Floral Calendars for December 2024

Vintage Flower December Calendar

Vintage Flower December 2024 Calendar Template

Print This Template

This vintage floral calendar brings the elegance of the past into the present. Delicate floral motifs give the calendar a nostalgic touch, while days and holidays are clearly marked.

The floral patterns at the top of the calendar are in pastel tones, offering a calm and peaceful appearance. We designed this December 2024 calendar template for Vibe Calendar users who appreciate classic and stylish designs.

December 2024 Calendar Featuring Dried Leaves Theme

December 2024 Calendar Featuring Dried Leaves Theme

Print This Template

This calendar template is elegantly decorated with a dried leaves theme. At the top of December, there are flowers and leaves in warm brown and orange tones.

Offering a minimalist and stylish look, this calendar is both aesthetic and functional. Important dates and holidays are listed at the bottom.

Vibrant Blooms December Calendar

Vibrant Blooms December 2024 Calendar Template

Print This Template

This printable December 2024 calendar, adorned with fresh flowers, will make each day more joyful.

The colorful flowers at the top add vibrancy and energy to the calendar. We have marked the days and holidays clearly with neat and legible fonts.

Wild Daisy December 2024 Calendar

Wild Daisy December 2024 Calendar Template

Print This Template

This calendar, adorned with wild daisies, is perfect for those who love natural simplicity. The delicate daisy patterns in the background create a fresh and natural atmosphere.

Days and holidays are clearly and legibly marked. This template is ideal for users who love nature and prefer minimalist designs.

December 2024 Moon Phases Calendar

Easily track the moon phases in December with our visually-focused moon phase calendar.

  • Follow the daily moon phases throughout December 2024.
  • Designed with black and brown tones to reflect a nighttime theme.
  • Available for free download in PDF or PNG format.
  • Includes information on holidays and important dates at the bottom of the calendar.

Printable December 2024 Monday Start Calendar

  • The week starts on Monday.
  • Columns for Saturday and Sunday have a grey background.
  • Week numbers are positioned in the left column.
  • Special days and holidays in December 2024 are highlighted in bold on the calendar.
  • A small section in the top right corner for notes or names.

This calendar is designed to provide clear, organized planning with easy-to-read features for enhanced usability.

December 2024 Daily Agenda Calendar with Holidays

Our December 2024 agenda-style calendar template will help you design your daily plans more professionally! This template features large daily writing spaces, making it ideal for work or school.

We have included reminders in the notes section to help you remember holidays and important observations in December.

Download this printable December 2024 calendar with holidays to manage your month professionally!

Are There Any Holidays or Important Observances in December 2024?

December 2024 is a festive month filled with important holidays and celebrations. Key dates include Christmas Eve on December 24, Christmas Day on December 25, and New Year’s Eve on December 31. Our December 2024 calendar will help you stay organized and make the most of these special occasions.

Christmas Eve – Tuesday, December 2

Christmas Eve, celebrated on December 24, 2024, falls on a Tuesday this year. It is a time for families to come together, exchange gifts, and share festive meals. Many attend midnight church services to mark the beginning of Christmas Day. This special evening is filled with warmth and anticipation as loved ones prepare for the holiday season.

Christmas Day (Holiday) – Wednesday, December 25

Christmas Day, a federal holiday in the United States, is celebrated on December 25, 2024. This Wednesday, families and friends gather to enjoy festive meals, exchange gifts, and partake in various traditions. The December 2024 calendar highlights this joyous day, encouraging you to plan your holiday activities and make the most of this special time with loved ones.

New Year’s Eve – Tuesday, December 31

New Year’s Eve, celebrated on December 31, 2024, marks the final day of the year and falls on a Tuesday. It is a night of celebration, reflection, and anticipation for the year ahead. People gather for parties, watch fireworks, and count down to midnight. This festive occasion is an opportunity to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one with joy and hope.

In conclusion:

Each calendar template we publish for December 2024 is created based on our users’ suggestions. All templates include holidays and important dates in December.

You don’t need to create an account on our site to download our calendars. Simply click the “Print This Template” button to download the calendar you like.

You can print each template for free in PDF and PNG formats. Please send us your calendar suggestions in the section below. Your feedback is very important to us.

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