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November 2024 Calendar with Holidays

With our user-friendly printable November 2024 calendar, you can keep track of holidays and important observances. This template, one of our most downloaded, is designed based on your feedback.

What Benefits Does This November Calendar Template Offer?

  • Versatile Planning: It is designed to help you create your weekly schedule, note important appointments, and organize your daily to-do list.
  • Print-Friendly and Practical: This calendar template is free to print horizontally on U.S. letter-size paper.

Printable November 2024 Blank Calendar

A significant majority of our users who download free calendars prefer blank November calendar templates. Here are the key features of our blank monthly calendar templates that make them so popular:

What Are the Features of Blank Calendar Template?

  • Highlighted Weekends: Weekends are made prominent with a gray background, making it easier to distinguish between weekdays and weekends at a glance.
  • Spacious Note Areas: Dates are written in smaller font sizes to provide ample space for daily notes.
  • Included Holidays: Holidays in November are listed at the bottom of the template for quick reference.

Printable Vertical Calendar for November 2024

This vertical calendar template for November 2024 is thoughtfully designed for easy use. Perfect for daily planning and note-taking, this calendar is ideal for anyone seeking an organized system at home or in the office.

Why Print the Vertical November 2024 Calendar?

  • Spacious and Organized Daily Boxes: Each day features a large, organized box for your notes and plans.
  • Highlighted Holidays and Special Days: Clearly marked to ensure you never miss an important date.
  • High-Resolution Printable PDF Format: Available in a format that ensures excellent print quality.

Download your high-quality, printable November 2024 vertical calendar template today and start planning your month with ease!

Task-Oriented November 2024 Calendar Template

This November 2024 calendar template is designed to help users have an organized and well-planned month. The calendar features two main colors: green and red.

What Do These Colored Boxes Mean?

This color coding assists users in easily distinguishing between important days and routine tasks.

  • Green Boxes: Indicate spaces for daily routines and notes.
  • Red Boxes: Highlight holidays and important reminders.

This template is perfect for work, school, or personal organization, providing an efficient solution for managing your month.

November 2024 Calendar: Week Numbers, Holidays And Moon Phases

  • Week numbers are positioned on the left side of the template for easy reference.
  • Holidays are highlighted with a light gray background to make them easily noticeable.
  • For astronomy enthusiasts, moon phases are included on the calendar.
  • This November calendar offers ample space for notes, making it practical for daily use.
  • Sundays and Saturdays are highlighted with a light gray background to differentiate them from weekdays.

November 2024 Calendar Including December and January

This printable calendar for November 2024 also includes December 2024 and January 2025.

  • The calendar features large boxes, making detailed planning easy.
  • The left column contains mini calendars for December and January.
  • Mini calendars highlight key holiday dates.
  • “Notes for November” section provides extra space for important notes and reminders.

Agenda Style Calendar for November 2024 (with Holidays)

This agenda-style printable calendar for November 2024 offers a comprehensive and user-friendly layout to help you organize both personal and professional schedules effectively.

What is the November 2024 Agenda-Style Calendar?

The November 2024 agenda-style calendar is a user-friendly planner that provides ample note spaces for each day of the month, enabling detailed daily planning.

You can use this template as a Daily Planner, Weekly Planner, or Monthly Planner, adapting it to suit your specific needs.

Colorful Calendar Template for November 2024

  • This colorful November 2024 calendar template is designed with large fonts.
  • Days are highlighted with colors to make important dates stand out.
  • Sundays are marked in red, and Saturdays are highlighted in blue.
  • Weekdays are clearly shown in black and gray tones.
  • Important dates and holidays are written on the calendar.
  • The design adds visual appeal with its simple and colorful layout.

Printable Large Font November 2024 Calendar

  • Large and Bold Dates: The November 2024 calendar template features large and bold dates, making it especially helpful for users with visual impairments.
  • Elegant Design: Utilizing black and grey tones, the template achieves a simple yet stylish appearance.
  • Versatile Use: This calendar template is an excellent choice for both home and office use.

November 2024 Monthly Planner and To-Do Calendar

Are you looking for a versatile template that can serve as both a calendar and a planner? If so, this printable November calendar is just what you need!

The template includes all the holidays marked on the calendar. At the bottom of the calendar, there’s a section for your monthly to-do list and a note-taking area. Download it instantly for free!

Download Beautiful November 2024 Floral Calendars

Vintage Flower November 2024 Calendar

Vintage Flower November 2024 Calendar Template

Print This Template

This calendar template features elegant floral designs in pastel tones. The flowers adorning the top give the calendar a vintage charm, making it a beautiful addition to any room or office space.

Autumn Bloom November Calendar

Printable Autumn Bloom November 2024 Calendar with Holidays

Print This Template

Decorated with dried flowers that reflect the warm colors of autumn, this printable November calendar captures the essence of the fall season. The rich floral patterns at the top enhance the autumn theme, making it perfect for those who love the cozy feel of fall.

Colorful Flower-Themed November 2024 Calendar

Colorful Flower-Themed November 2024 Calendar Template

Print This Template

Featuring vibrant and bright roses, this November 2024 calendar with holidays offers an energetic and joyful look. The colorful roses at the top create a striking and eye-catching design, perfect for adding a splash of color to your daily planning.

Simple and Beautiful November Calendar with Daisies

Simple and Beautiful November Calendar with Daisies

Print This Template

Designed in a minimalist style, this calendar is adorned with soft daisy patterns, offering a simple and elegant appearance. It’s perfect for those who prefer a clean and understated look for their calendar.

November 2024 Moon Phases Calendar

Are you interested in following the phases of the moon in November with high-quality visuals?

Then this moon phases template is perfect for you. Prepared based on NASA’s data, you can print this template for free in just seconds. This moon phases calendar will add a stylish and beautiful look to your room.

At the bottom of the calendar, you can keep track of holidays and important dates in November.

Printable November 2024 Monday Start Calendar

  • The calendar starts on Monday.
  • You can write the month’s name or your goals in the empty space at the top.
  • Weekends (Saturday, Sunday) are designed with a gray background.
  • Holidays and important dates are marked on the calendar.
  • The left column of the calendar includes the week numbers for November.

What Holidays and Important Observances Are There in November 2024?

November 2024 is a month filled with significant observances and holidays in the United States. Key dates include Election Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday, making it a notable month on the calendar.

Election Day – Tuesday, November 5

Election Day in the United States is set for Tuesday, November 5, 2024. On this significant day, millions of Americans will cast their votes to elect various public officials, including the President. It is a crucial event in the democratic process, where citizens exercise their right to choose their representatives.

Veterans Day – Monday, November 11

Veterans Day, observed on Monday, November 11, is a significant holiday in November 2024. It honors military veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces, recognizing their dedication and sacrifice. This day provides an opportunity for Americans to express gratitude and pay tribute to the courage and commitment of their service members. On the November 2024 calendar, Veterans Day stands as a poignant reminder of the nation’s respect and appreciation for its veterans.

Thanksgiving Day – Thursday, November 28

Thanksgiving Day, celebrated on Thursday, November 28, 2024, is a cherished national holiday in the United States. Traditionally, it marks a time for families and friends to gather, share a feast, and give thanks for the blessings of the past year.

The holiday features a variety of festivities, including parades, football games, and the iconic turkey dinner. As people come together on this special day, it serves as a reminder of the importance of gratitude and community.

Black Friday – Friday, November 29

Black Friday, falling on Friday, November 29, 2024, is one of the most anticipated shopping events of the year. It marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season, offering substantial discounts and promotions. For a comprehensive view of this significant date, along with other important events, refer to our November 2024 Calendars.

In conclusion:

All the calendar templates on our site are available in PDF and PNG formats. They are completely free and can be printed without creating an account. The templates are designed to print on U.S. letter-size paper.

For suggestions or feedback about our November templates, please use the section below to reach out to us.

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