Download a free, printable July 2024 calendar with holidays in PDF format. Stay organized and plan your month ahead with this convenient calendar template.

Are you ready for July 2024? Download our free July 2024 calendar to enjoy quality time with your family and friends, keep track of important dates in your work and personal life, and organize all your appointments!

  • July 4: Independence Day

July 2024 Calendar with Holidays

In our handy July 2024 calendar, you can keep track of the days of the week along with holidays and important observances. This way, when making plans, you can consider both official holidays and special occasions.

Using our calendar, you can:

  • Create your weekly schedule,
  • Plan trips with your family or friends,
  • Note down important appointments,
  • And even make your daily to-do list.

Our July calendar template:

  • Printable: Free to print in US letter size horizontally.
  • Can be used as a planner: You can use the calendar to add notes and reminders.

July 2024 Printable Blank Calendar

Are you in need of a simple and practical printable blank calendar to start a new month? Then the July 2024 calendar is just for you!

  • Ample Note-taking Area: This special calendar template provides a spacious note-taking area for each day. You can easily jot down your daily plans, to-do lists, important notes, and more.
  • Ideal for Everyone: This handy calendar template is perfect for everyone, including students, teachers, professionals, and homemakers.

July Calendar Template (Vertical)

You can effortlessly keep track of your tasks and organize your monthly plans with our vertical July calendar template designed in soft, soothing colors that won’t distract you.

Printable on US letter-sized paper, this template allows you to:

  • Create your daily to-do lists,
  • Jot down important appointments,
  • Add reminders,
  • Stay on top of tasks throughout the month.
  • With a gentle color palette that won’t strain your eyes, you can easily use this template and even carry it with you by placing it in your files after printing.

July 2024 Calendar with Large Font

This July 2024 calendar is designed with large fonts, making it ideal for easy tracking in your workspace. The template does not include areas for note-taking, but a table has been added at the bottom of the calendar to help you keep track of the month’s important dates and holidays.

  • Large and easily readable font
  • List of holidays and important dates in July 2024

Usage Areas:

  • Workspace
  • Office
  • Home kitchen
  • Living room
  • Any wall!

July 2024 Monthly Calendar: Planner & To-Do

Combining Calendar and Note-taking Areas: In the calendar section, you can track all your important appointments and dates, while in the note-taking area, you can jot down your thoughts, ideas, and sources of inspiration throughout the month.

Planner and To-Do List: We’ve divided the bottom section of the planner into two equal parts. In the planner section, you can jot down your weekly schedules and priorities. As for the to-do list section, you can list the tasks you need to accomplish.

July 2024 Calendar with Moon Phases

Our special calendar allows you to track the mesmerizing position of the moon in the sky throughout July 2024 in the northern hemisphere. With stunning moon images sourced from NASA, you can observe each phase and bear witness to this natural wonder in the night sky.

Calendar Features:

  • Moon Phases: Detailed images and information for each day’s moon phase.
  • Regular Holidays: Official holidays and special occasions marked.
  • Free Printable: Completely free to print or download.

Grace Your Days with Flowers: July 2024 Calendar

Download our free July 2024 calendars adorned with colorful roses and daisies to brighten up your July!

  • Designed with a different flower theme each month, our calendars will add a stylish touch to your workspace or home.
  • You can jot down your appointments and important dates for the month of July and keep track of them effortlessly.

July 2024 Holidays and Special Occasions in the US

July 4
Independence DayFederal Holiday
July 13
Nathan Bedford Forrest DayLocal observance
July 24
Pioneer DayState Holiday
July 27
Korean War Veteran Recognition DayState Observance
West Virginia
July 27
National Korean War Veterans Armistice DayObservance
July 28
Parents’ DayObservance

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